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Hip Son Music is an independent record label focused on electronic and pop music. We work with many talented music artists, music producers, songwriters and performers. Check out our new releases, download free mp3 samples and purchase our titles via our online store or other online music sites.

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Yes No EP
Hip Son & Rambo Amadeus


1. Show Business
2. Smoke on the Mountain
3. Illegal Immigrant Song
4. Yes No Maybe
5. Adrenaline Rush

Boston based composer and producer Hip Son teams up with Rambo Amadeus, one of the most successful and subversive music artist from Eastern Europe in this five song EP titled "Yes No". The songs were created as result of an internet collaboration between these two artists. The vocals on this EP are performed in Bad English, the most popular English dialect in the world.

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Legacy EP
Clash of Civilizations


1. Hagia Sophia
2. Healing
3. Legacy
4. Metamorphosis
5. Hiroshima

Clash of Civilizations is an electronic music project created by two friends, Boston-based composers and music producers Milan Kovacev and Nikola Radan. The goal of the collective is to create unity and harmony by clashing various music from around the world: traditional voices, historic samples and melodies, (some dating back hundreds of years), and original native instruments.

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Yahoo Music

Hip Son


1. June
2. Return To Normal
3. DNA
4. Overloaded
5. Eva
6. Global Eyes
7. Eastern Storm
8. My Life
9. Easygoing
10. Drama Is Over

Features ten instrumental tracks of chill out and organic electronic music. Songs are written, recorded and produced by Hip Son in his Boston recording studio. This album blends rich harmonies, filtered synth sequences, trippy guitar hooks, and driving downtempo beats with Hip Son’s reflection on the music of 80’s and 90’s.


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Hip Son


1. Action
2. Memory Mix
3. Hope
4. Technocracy
5. Stratosphere
6. Diving
7. Free Lounge
8. Changes
9. Keep It For Later
10. Infusion

instrumental techno, house, synth pop, guitar hooks, and infectious drums and breakbeats.

Features ten instrumental tracks - a mix of club, dance, and techno electronic music. Written, recorded and produced by Hip Son this record blends sounds full of rumbling techno, house, and synth pop, with paced rhythms, guitar hooks, rich harmonies, infectious drums, breakbeats, melodic synth lines and psy-trance sequences.


Instrumental Music Volume One
Hip Son

1. Transformed
2. Free Lounge
3. Technocracy
4. 88 Reasons
5. Overloaded
6. Drama Is Over
7. Infusion
8. Ghost
9. Global Eyes
10. Later
11. Big River
12. Smooth Ride
13. Stratosphere

instrumental compilation of club, techno, synth pop, guitar hooks, down tempo and chill out music.

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